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Playability is a term in video gaming jargon that is used to describe the ease by which the game can be played.
The term "playable" may also be used to refer to objects in the gameplay that can be controlled by the player. It is usually ascribed to characters in role playing games or fighting games, and to factions in real-time strategy games. Various antonyms include unplayable, static and non-playable character. The term features often in previews, reviews and other critical discussions of games. In those places, whether a certain object will be able to be controlled by the player or not is of interest. A large amount of playable objects can enhance gameplay by supplying the player with a large amount of possibilities. Similarly, a game where there is a large amount of non-playable characters may be less immersive. Especially in previews of games, where some of the content is known beforehand (for example, in a series) but the (un)playability of the characters has news value, the term is used often.

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